We are very excited to launch our newly designed website, which is clear, iconic, smart, reflective and relevant.

Clear: The main change you will see is a clear and contrasting color theme.

Iconic: It is now possible to find most of the information you are looking for on the homepage itself. As you scroll through the home page, icons and pictures tell the story of what we do and what we offer.

Smart: We understand that most of our students access our website using their smart phones, so we’ve made improvements for easy mobile browsing.

Reflective: We receive many compliments from our happy students, so we added ‘Testimonials’ section to reflect these positive experiences by our current and past students.

Relevant: We’ve added ‘Related items’ section to many pages, so it is easier now to find relevant information you are looking for.

We hope this new website will become a place of information and engagement for our students. Happy browsing!