Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a new student at VIA, how do I contact the college? 

You must have received a welcome email from VIA when you enrolled. You can simply reply to that email. If you want to know the address and contact number, these are listed at the top of our website. 

2. I am currently in my home country waiting for my student visa, but my course has already started. What should I do? 

Please contact the college to request for deferment (postponement) of your course. 

3. I am a new student starting my course with VIA. Do I have to come to campus to attend orientation?

Yes, you must come to campus to attend the orientation. Please contact our student services team if you feel unwell on orientation day.

4. Can I defer the start date of my course?

You can only defer your course commencement in very limited circumstance such as visa delays or entry requirements. The course deferral may impact your student visa. You may need to extend your current student visa to complete your studies. Please speak to our student services team before deciding. VIA’s deferral, suspension and cancellation policy applies in all cases.


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